Activity Calendar

Feeling inspired by this incredible event and the amazing Youth of the Year kid? Team Green invites you to Take Part in the Magic all around you — every day – by using this Activity Calendar! Print the months out, give it your best shot and we guarantee you’ll feel the MAGIC by engaging with others around you!


April – December 2019

A gift from Team Green: An Activity Calendar!
Use this by marking every day you accomplish the assigned “action item”
of the Month. The more you mark, the more you will feel the Magic all around you!!
April: Need a little more inspiration?
These 6 teams raised over $400,000 and shared the Magic of the Club.
May – Friendships are based on connecting.
Make the call!
June- Summertime Silliness!
Enjoy the fun in life!
July: Get outside! Sign up for a parade! Look at those smiles!!!
Enjoy the sunshine with friends!
August: There is so much to learn from others. Get out and find out.
Make someone feel noticed and you will grow along the way!
September: Game on, People!
It feels great to get a compliment, but it feels even better to make someone smile!!
October: Putting in the effort to strengthen a relationship, can have serious consequences. GREAT ONES!
So, why not give it a shot?
November: Thank you Willow for teaching my family to look at the Bright Side of things.
Who do you want to thank? There is no time like the present. A gift, indeed
December: Come on down to the Club! We’d love to see you.